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Quite the spectacle just now in DC

My office is on the top floor of the Commerce building in Washington DC, and I have a window view out to the Ellipse which is just south of the White House. I look west, towards the Potomac river and Virginia from where I sit.

Since 9/11 there are a number of military aircraft in the area, mostly helecopters going up and down the river. Commercial jet airliners also take off or land going over the river to National Airport, which is visible from the balcony here to the southwest. So, on any given day I can look out the window and see helecopters patrolling the river, or Marine One with the president coming and going, and of course commercial jets flying very slowly along the river about a mile away.

So I was reading a verification report and heard a very low roar come past the building. Uh-oh. That was not one of the commerical jets, or one of the helecopters. It sounded like a military jet, and the last time I saw one of those over the city was 9/11. I looked out the window, and not a commercial plane in sight. No helecopters either. The skies were completely empty.

Oh shit! Panic begins to set in and I start scanning the sky. Nothing on the news. Then the roar comes back and I start looking, and I see them.

Seven planes, all very low, and six in a delta-V formation with a trailer. VERY TIGHT formation. Doing lazy circles over the city. Then they came right at the building and turned over the Ellipse, and I could see them. Looked like the Air Force Thunderbirds team (the planes weren't all blue, so it wasn't the Blue Angels I don't think). They even did a smoke trail as they passed. The show went on for about five-ten minutes, then the planes split up and headed south with the main four in a diamond formation and the other three trailing.

I have no idea why they where there, but it was a nice sight to behold. Maybe it was a funeral at Arlington Cemetary, not sure. It was a shock at first, but in the end a nice interlude to the day.

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May. 23rd, 2007 03:52 pm (UTC)
I always forget that this journal goes beyond the confines of LiveJournal. It was VERY impressive, but scared me there for a bit. The lack of commercial planes in the sky was eerie, and reminded me of 9/11.

Any news on what was going on?
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May. 24th, 2007 01:28 pm (UTC)
It's been awhile since I lived in DC. I actually live far out in Virginia now. But I work here daily so I get to experience the city that way.

Cleveland Park you say? I saw that on your journal. I lived there back in 1988, first year I moved into the area.
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